Top Pun’s Cool and Funny Web Sites and Blogs

Top Pun’s Cool and Funny Web Sites and Blogs

Check out Top Pun’s family of funny and cool web sites and blogs.  These really cool web sites highlight design categories such as funny political, hippie peace signs, peace, anti-war, gay-lesbian pride, public health, funny slogans and sayings, great peace quotes, or Martin Luther King, Jr.  Other sites feature cool products such as buttons, T-shirts, posters, bumper stickers, stickers, or coffee mugs .  Feel free to enjoy Top Pun’s “Free for All” where you can download and print free posters and download cool wallpapers.  Of course, feel free to visit the mother ship of all Top Pun web sites,, the home of GLBT stuff, MLK stuff, and funny political stuff, where the pun is mightier than the sword, justice is no yoke, and prophets are maximized!  Peace!!


Check out all of of Top Pun’s cool blogs:

Puns Not Guns Peace Blog

Puns Not Guns Peace BlogThis peace blog features funny political designs and peace stuff.

Funny Political Stuff

Funny Political StuffThis funny blog features funny political stuff for political activists.

Funny Political T-shirt Sayings

Funny Political T-shirt Sayings -This funny blog features funny T-shirts and other funny merchandise.

Gay-Lesbian Pride Day Every Day

Gay Lesbian Pride Day EVERY Day -This blog celebrates gay pride day every day, featuring cool gay pride designs, products, and freebies..

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Every Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day EVERY DayThis blog celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day every day, featuring cool MLK designs and famous MLK quotes on cool products from Top Pun.


Check out all of of Top Pun’s cool and funny web sites:

Top Pun – ALL of Top Pun’s cool and funny peace and social justice designs, with each design available on 15+ cool products such as T-shirts, bumper stickers, stickers, buttons, coffee mugs, or posters.

Funny Slogans, Cool Sayings and Great Peace Quotes

Funny Slogans and Sayings – funny slogans and funny sayings on leftist, progressive, and faith-based political issues are at the heart of Top Pun’s mission to maximize prophets.

Great Peace Quotes – enjoy hundreds of cool peace quotes and anti-war quotes on peace signs.

Peace Signs, Peace, and Anti-War

Hippie Peace Signs – hippie peace signs features the world’s largest collection of peace signs, which you can browse in your favorite peace sign themes such as peace quotes, anti-war quotes, sayings and slogans on peace signs, psychedelic 1960s, cool 1970s, African American peace signs, peace hands, peace flags, and simple peace signs, and more!

Peace Anti-War Store – the peace and anti-war store highlights Top Pun’s cool and funny peace, anti-war, and peace sign designs.

Inescapable Web of Peace – Top Pun seeks to create an inescapable web of peace and sponsors a Peace WIKI, a web site where you can add your own peace content and share in the peace content added by others.  Start your own peace blog, add peace links, peace pictures, or peace articles. Built by peacemakers for peacemakers.

Cool and Funny Political Designs on T-shirts PLUS!

Of course, all cool and funny political designs are available on 15+ products, such as posters, T-shirts, bumper stickers, stickers, coffee mugs, or buttons.

Funny Political Bumper Stickers – funny political bumper stickers are one on Top Pun’s best-selling products.

Cool Political T-shirts – cool and funny political T-shirts are always a popular way to display your political beliefs.

Cool Political Stickers – political stickers sold in sheets of 12 stickers are a simple and economical way to get your message out as a political activist.

Cool Political Buttons – political buttons-pins are classics!  Top Pun’s political buttons are available in two convenient button sizes.

Cool Political Coffee Mugs – political coffee mugs are a great way to inspire yourself and others to political activism.

All Cool Political Posters – political posters are 8-1/2 X 11 inch laminated posters for easy display.  Includes free poster downloads.

Download Free Posters and Wallpapers

Free For All Funny Political Posters – download free political, gay, and peace posters; share these cool free posters with friends.

Download Cool Free Wallpapers – download cool free wallpapers for your computer.

Gay-Lesbian Pride

Gay Lesbian Pride Store – gay-lesbian pride designs in fabulous categories such as gay political, gay civil rights, gay marriage, gay pride, gay peace, anti-homophobia, gay coming out,lesbian only, gay men only, rainbow family, rainbow love, queer, straight allies, and gay spirituality-religion.

Gay Pride Day Every Day – gay designs on additional merchandise through, so you can get even more LGBT pride merchandise than offered through  Make every day gay pride day!

More Cool Web Sites

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Every Day – in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., asking all to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day every day.  Features famous MLK quotes and cool MLK designs.  Make every day Martin Luther King Day!

Public Health Week Every Week – celebrate public health week every week with public health designs on cool products.

Political Satire News – political satire news highlights Top Pun’s political satire news on occasion, until he retires and writes political satire news as a full-time vocation!

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